I never participate in parades. Because I am… allergic. LOL

But tonight we are celebrating an important milestone and I am happy to partecipate…
For the first anniversary of the “ѕσℓσ2 fαѕнισи” there will be the evening “Purple Rain” also with six of my clothes, of course, purple!

SIM Solo2 Fashion Agency, DDstyle District (54, 232, 3051)

Alle 22 (ora italiana) – At 1 PM (SL time)

We will show you the incredible creations of: Stiletto Moody, NoName, Anubis Style, Meb,
Angel Dessous, Glamour Style, Innuendo, Gems and Kisses, Behaviorbody ,Lady Thera ,
AD Creation , Thea Tamura, Red Passion, B! Fashion, DD Style, OC, Fellini Couture,

Models involved:
Ranini Farella, Sazzy Oh, Sweetalicious Starsider, Ets Zessinthal, Giuls Scarpulla, Christian Claridge ,Dancer Dallagio ,Celexzta Szondi ,Leandra Breen ,Elyna Carve ,Madeleine Dollinger , Arialee Myles, Linnda Scofield , 13 Cortes , Genevieve Kamala , Giada Oh, Alii Vella, Valentina Inaka, Ellendir Khandr, Salvo Waydelich, Tesan Lane, Phillip Dollinger, Allenclive Beaumont

Show Director: Ellendir Khandr
Fashion Director: Valentina Inaka
Photographer: Alii Vella
Host: Lissabel Lorefield
Builder & Officer: AlicediMax Taurog
DJ : Paolo Barom

FB event

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