[AD Creations] Advent calendar

Advent calendar”][AD Creations] Advent calendarEvery day, from 8 December until 14 December, at AD Creations doll house you can find the box numbered according to the day: December 8, you can just click on the box with “8” and you you will receive the gift of the day 🙂
There are 17 gifts for 17 day waiting period, female and unisex skin, accessories (suspension balloon, float balloons, spine nails ecc..), female dress ecc..

REMEMBER ALSO the Christmas hunt!


This month, for every month, there will be an item at exclusive price only for my group
For Christmas the SPECIAL ITEM 50L$ only for member group (until december 9) is the “Bone Christmas”. The shoes have animated snow, flashing light and change texture, for 2 type of shoes, with and without bone, and they fit perfectly with the other Christmas AD creations

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