Star Wars Show

Solo Evane presents STAR WARS SHOW
February 25th 1.00 pm


AD Creations \o/
ALB Fashion
Ezura Xue
Glamour Style
PK2 Creations
Solidea Folies

Sponsors: Finesmith Creations – sYs


Solo Evane TopModels

Male: Ayrton Radikal – Apollo Call – Daniele Eberhard – Liam Netizen – Malek Sahara – Steele Simah – World Undercroft

Female: Anna Sapphire – Chamonix Bodreaux – Draakje Dailey – Ellendir Khandr – Federica Galtier – Kay Fairey – Mely Gibbs – Mimmi Boa – Sazzy Oh – Wicca Merlin – Veronica Krasner – Chamonix Bodreaux

Static Models: Elyna Carver – Kitsune Diavolo – Mario Greenberg

Show Director: Ellendir Khandr

Fashion Director: Malek Sahara

Hostess: Saleena Hax

Builder: Alicedimax Taurog

Cue & Photo: Anabella Ravinelli

Invite: Mario Greenberg

Script: Malek Sahara & Lissabel Lorefield

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