2Lei in SecondLife (from 19th to 25th November 2012)

2Lei in SecondLife
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
from 19th to 25th November

2Lei in SecondLife (from 19th to 25th November 2012)

2Lei in SecondLife (from 19th to 25th November 2012)

Mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, lover, housewife, businesswoman, friend, educator. How many are the roles of a woman and in what way does she know take on them: all with proud spirit, with the smile. It’s this smile that put on wings to the woman, making special, it’s the awareness to take on many roles tirelessly.
But, there are still many women that these wings are wrenched. About the statistics, since the beginning of 2012 in Italy one woman was killed almost every two days (source Adnkronos), while it is difficult to estimate the number of those women who have locked in their houses crushed by abuses of various kinds, domestic and not.
For this reason, this year, we want to shout our anger and our support to all victims through “2Lei”, the event born three years ago in Second Life with the target of highlight the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” founded by the the United Nations in 1999. It is not solidarity, it is a request to come up against, all together, men and women, hear the subdued groans , reach out to take a look frightened, for raise one’s voice of those who scream with arrogance and does not allow replies. The virtual worlds are an occasion of meeting and aggregation more and more, in little time they succeed in reaching a lot of people. They can be also an important means of deepest messages, as This, in particular when it is not the single person or single group that to shout, but they are so many different realities as those that cooperate to this project. In 2Lei there are Italian groups in Second Life working on art, culture, music, entertainment, and there are artists, musicians, different personalities, both Italian and international.
Our target is to reach as many people as possible because, if our furious hoot becomes a chorus and the chorus becomes real attention to what surrounds us every day, we could be able to bring a smile and cure some injured wings.


• La Baroque’s work
• Morghana Savira&Christower Dae’s flyer
• Simba Schumann’s text


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