KV Mix&Match contest

mix&match KV contest!

The KV dream fashion agency is glad to present the KV mix&match contest.
The contest is opened to males and females avatars, not necessarily professional models! You need only an exquisite taste in clothes and an attractive appearance.

The contest submission period will be from November 16th to December 10th.

10.000 L

The contestants will have to shoot a full-body picture wearing 5 objects bought in the KV land.
Is compulsory to wear two different brands, mixing the clothes and the accessories. Allow items:
-pose for the picture
-other accessories

Create a notecard and rename it: KV Mix&Match – “your name”
In the notecard write:
– SL name and surname
– SL Age
– If you are a model or not
– Styling card of your outfit (name and brand of all you are wearing)
– Name of the exclusive items you are wearing and transaction history (payment) of both
-attach the picture (min. 1024 x 1024). It must be renamed: KV Mix&Match – “your name”

The notecard must be send to Katiuscia Vollmar by (Sunday) December 9. All entries sent after that date will be rejected.
WIll be chosen 15 candidates that will challenge on the the runway, showing the outfit created.

The winner will be chosen according to these parameters:
– Avatar beauty
– originality and taste in the mix of accessories and clothes
– scenic presence on the runway

The fashion show will be held on December 13, 1pm SLT.

The judges will be:
Katiuscia Vollmar
Astralia Resident
Ets Zessinthal
Witch86 Little
Ora Ohara
Misoindite Romano
JuanSebastian Menges
Astralia Resident
Davidefree Resident
Giuls Scarpulla

The winner will be announced at the end of the event and will receive the prize of 10.000L.

LANDMARK of the sim (to buy items):

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