2Lei for SL10B


2Lei is a collaborative project to raise awareness of events related to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Virtual artists, gallery owners, musicians, cultural figures and Second Life residents are invited to share the common message of solidarity via their particular art. For over three years, volunteers devoted time, energy and ideas to take a stand against women around the world, all worlds.

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We are really glad to inform you that 2Lei is going to take part of the celebrations for Second Life 10th birthday, from Sunday, June 16th until June 29th, featuring events, art installations, music and entertainment (and just a hint of lag), completely built up around the theme of this year: “Looking forward, looking back”.

The aim of 2Lei Committee, which have been operating in SL for three years, is to raise awareness and involve more and more people on matters related to violence against women in the world.

With our participation, we would like to show what it’s possible to do in SL as far as social issues are concerned, fully adhering to various types of events, as it has been done throughout these years, from art to music, from theatre to fashion (Looking back).

The “2Lei” Committee also wants to emphasize how much more you can do to raise awareness and to disseminate the issue “Stop violence against women” in SL, involving more and more users of our virtual world to join in this global “fight” (Looking forward).

Specifically, the installation will be divided into three main sections:

– the first one will show what has been done in the recent years through various photographs;

– the second one will provide an INFO point;

– the third one will show “In flight over the violence”, an art installation by Paola Mills. Visitors will be able to interact with this installation: they can become part of it, using poseballs and outfits available for free, to feel even more part of this project.

We invite you to come and celebrate with us, from 16/06 to 29/06.

2Lei is here (from 1.30 pm SLT)


2Lei for SL10B

2Lei for SL10B

2Lei for SL10B

2Lei for SL10B

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