I’m a Linden face2face!

i'm a Linden face2face!

i’m a Linden face2face!

i’m so amused that i’m still laughing from yesterday morning!
i’m happy and honored to have been chosen by the team of Linden Lab for the campaign face2face 2013!
….you will often see my two ugly faces! ahahahhaah

/me lifts the cup (with strawberry juice non-alcoholic) and toasts happy

*love you all* and always thanks, THANKS to all the people who, in one way or another, have always supported (and endured) me in SL since 2008

…E siccome in italiano fa più ridere, la ridico: grazie a tutti coloro che, in un modo o nell’altro, mi hanno sempre sUpportato (e sOpportato) in SL dal 2008 🙂



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