2Lei – Call for “The added value” project

2Lei - Call for "The added value" project

2Lei – Call for “The added value” project

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The 2Lei Committee invites you to participate in the project “The added value” on which the final evening of events, related to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, will be based.

To join the project contact  IW not later than October 25th: Paola Mills, Fiona Saiman (creator and manager of the project), or Rubin Mayo (creator of the technical part) or Morghana Savira, by sending a notecard entitled “Membership value Added – firstname.lastname” accompanied with an IM.

The idea is to compose a wall:. A “something more”, indeed the “added value” can be applied to the wall. the main picture is represented by this PHOTO.
The wall, that represents the main stage set, is made of several bricks on which a detail of the photo is affixed in it. (EXAMPLE)

If you join to this art project,  a pack with two scripts and the necessary instructions to carry out the “brick”-that is, the piece of wall- will be delivered IW so you will be able to decorate depending on your artistic side.

The embellishment will be the “added value”, your personal contribution. The total weight (“land impact”)  is limited to 31 primitives, including brick wall.

In this show, you will see a broken wall on the ground that comes together and your brick, which presents your contribution will move to the right place.

The wall, that comes together represents the abused woman, the wound woman that  with supported by many people can get up, free from suffering and return to live (this is a message of hope).

Please deliver your work IW, as full perm object, and viewed together to Rubin Mayo or Fiona Saiman, or Tani Thor or Paola Mills,  not later than November 8th, 2013.

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