BookLook is a project AD Creations & LibriamoTutti.
Each month will be made a dress inspired by a book.

For October was chosen
Novecento – Alessandro Baricco

BookLook - Novecento (The lengend of 1900) - Alessandro BAricco

BookLook – Novecento (The lengend of 1900) – Alessandro Baricco

Novecento is a 1994 Italian theater monologue by Alessandro Baricco.
In 1998 it was made into a movie, The Legend of 1900 (La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano in Italian) by Giuseppe Tornatore.
This monologue Baricco tells the unique story of Danny Boodman TD Lemon Novecento. An infant was abandoned in the liner Virginian and is found by chance by Danny Boodman, a sailor color that will be the father until the age of eight, when he dies as a result of a wound received during a storm. The child mysteriously disappears in the days after his father’s death and reappears when he began to play the piano.

Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon Novecento is described by the narrator as a man with great capacity for learning, living through the desires and passions of others, which is accomplished with the music, who lives suspended between his piano and the sea, with which it is able to relive every trip, every sensation is told by the passengers of the ship.

From the music, but more specifically from the piano, he will never find the strength to wean, he will never get over the fear to love and to create the roots, overwhelmed by the fear of not being able to see nowhere near an end in the world outside the steamer, so devotes his life to play in order to relieve the hearts of the passengers from the fear of the immensity of the ocean.

Rather than reach a compromise with life, he prefers to enchant their dreams, their hopes, and let explode with transatlantic throughout his life he knew his fears and guarded his wishes. (Wikipedia & Google translate)

BookLook - Novecento (The lengend of 1900) - Alessandro Baricco

BookLook – Novecento (The lengend of 1900) – Alessandro Baricco

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