Willy Wonka event!

Tribute to Wonka

Tribute to Wonka

Willy Wonka event - AD Creations for HUNT

Willy Wonka event – AD Creations for HUNT

Willy Wonka event - AD Creations for SHOW

Willy Wonka event – AD Creations for SHOW

6 Jan: now you can find it on main-shop and marketplace (all in one box)


******** KV Dream Fashion Agency *********
****** Christmas Event 2013 ******

in collaboration with Lost Mills

KV Dream Fashion Agency, in collaboration with Lost Mills, decided to organized an original christmas event.
The theme is “Willy Wonka and the chocolate fabric”, so all items, created for this event, are inspired to this theme.

The event consists in 3 different event groups:

1) Wonka Shop
where you will found exclusive item!
The shop will open from the 5th of December to the 30th of December.
You can look the items sold here

SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brimstone%20Island/175/237/34


2) Wonka Hunt
search the lollipop and get the gift!
The hunt will start the 15th of December and it will end the 30th of December.
Each designer created an exclusive item and divided it into 2 lollipops.
You can found 1 lollipop in the designer’s mainstore and another one in the KV sim.
You can look the items and read the hint here


3) Wonka Fashion Show
Each designer will create an exclusive item for this show.
The show will be the 19th of December at 1.00pm slt.
During the show you could buy these exclusive items at 50% off.
The day after the show, the items will be at full price in the designers’ mainstore.
Don’t miss the opportunity to get them at 50% off!!!

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