SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair (March 15th - March 31st, 2014).

SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair (March 15th – March 31st, 2014).

The Fair will take place in the sky of the new Haute Couture fashion district SAVIAD (a join venture between  majors haute couture brands: Solidea Folies, Violator, Ad Creations)
The 3 sims Fair will feature two Spring themed exclusive new releases from the hottest fashion, hair, skin, make up, shoes and pose designers on the grid.
Each of the 3 sims will be built with  artistry  with different styles and inspirations, guaranteeing this way the public a great immersive experience.
As Spring is at the door we decided to tease your creativity by proposing the eclectic Theme: Blooming Spring Dream. Be creative!
Do you want to join us and share your amazing creations at the Blooming Spring Fair?
Follow this LINK to access the application form and submit your candidature, thank you!
Major events will be held during the Fair: – March 15th: Opening fair´s Fashion show organized from TREMPE featuring the creations of the Fair´s
Sponsors. – Giveaway: one lucky winner will win a package of 24 creations provided from the fair´s sponsors. – Blogger Contest – March 31st: Closing Party, announcements of giveaway and blogger contest winners. Launch of TREMPE
Mode Magazine. For your partecipation we ask for: – 2 exclusive “Blooming Spring Dream” themed releases. We really encourage you to make the best you can! – For Sponsors to send a transfer copy of both items to SAVIAD Resident in order to create a big prize for
the lucky giveaway winner. – Themed gatcha items (optional) .
“Spring 2014 Fashion Fair” is organized by SAVIAD Team in collaboration With TREMPE
Contacts infos for Designers Liasons: Natzuka Miliandrovic
Anjelica Carling
Fanfan Delicioso
Bodza Mubble

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