Saviad spring fair : last update before the applications close!


Hello Dear friends,

while all the preparations are in the making for the Saviad Spring Fair, we are accepting the last applications for “Tiger Alley” the market area of the Fair where anyone can still apply until tomorrow Feb 28th on midnight SLT following few easy rules :

  • create 1 item inspired to the SAVIAD white Tiger, it can be anything out of your imagination, have fun with it!
  • the price for the item needs to be in a range between 50 – 300 L$
  • you will have a vendor assigned to your brand with a split script where the 15% of the sale will go to SAVIAD resident

If you have a talent and you want to share it, your are more than welcome at our Fair, we do not apply restrictions to the kind of item that you can propose to this part of the fair, let your…

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