Chutzpah for KV Summer Fashion Month

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency organizes the “KV Summer Fashion Month“.

The event will take place from the 1st to the 30th of June.

In the frame of this big event we have 3 different events linked to each other:

1) Shopping Way: 60 discounted exclusive items

2) Prêt-à-portèr: 42 esclusive items

3) Haute Couture: 17 exclusive items

I have made Chutzpah

Chutzpah - AD for KV Summer Fashion Month

Chutzpah – AD for KV Summer Fashion Month




– Shopping Way: June, 3rd at 1.00pm SLT

– Prêt-à-porter: June, 4th at 1.00pm SLT

– Haute Couture: June, 5th at 1.00pm SLT

– Sponsors Fashion Shows: June, 25th at 12.30pm SLT

LIVE CONCERT: June, 25th at 1.30pm SLT

DJ SESSION: June, 25th at 2.30pm SLT


From June, 1st to June, 24th

You can join it with 3 simple steps:

– buy 1 or more items in the KV Summer Fashion Month;

– do a picture

– post the pic on KV Flickr Page

– rename the pic: “KV Summer Fashion Month: Photo Contest – your name”.

(You can post a maximum of 5 pics).

We will choose the 3 most beautiful pictures.

Winner: 5000$L

1st runner up: 3000$L

2nd runner up: 1000$L

We will proclaim the winner and the runners-up of the contest in June, 25th:

– the winner: during the sponsors fashion show (from 12.30pm SLT to 1.30pm SLT);

– 1st runner-up: during the live concert(from 1.30pm SLT to 2.30pm SLT);

– 2nd runner-up: during the dj session (from 2.30pm SLT to 3.30pm SLT).

Prizes will only be assigned if the winner(s) will be in KV sim during the proclamation.



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